Aroessa Privacy Policy

1.Data Storage

a. Aroessa's game account system does not store personal, or identifiable information on the user within the account system. If any data stored from a user under 13 is found, it is immeadiatly deleted from our system and not distributed to third parties. We will not and do not collect personal or age specific data from our users. Upon the website, users have an option to share their Birthday/date, this is NOT required from anyone and is disclosed at their own risk. Users under 13 will be banned until their 13th birthday due to COPPA requirements.

b. Who has access to the account information?: Only administrators and moderators of the game have access to account information regarding items, characters and stash files, passwords within the system are not disclosed. The server host only has access to the mentioned files plus the security log, ban log and other restriction tools. All passwords are encrypted automaticlly by the account system. No passwords will be unencrypted for any reasons.

2.Information Collection & Storage

a. Website Data Collection: Aroessa's website and forum does not store personal or identifiale information on it's users or account holders. ProBoards may automatically gather information of the sort that browsers automatically make available, including: (i) IP addresses; (ii) domain servers; (iii) types of computers accessing the Website; and (iv) types of Web browsers accessing the Website (collectively "Traffic Data").

b. Cookie Storage: Cookies are text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit or certain emails that you open. A Cookie acts as a string of information that a website stores on a user’s computer, and that the user’s browser provides to the website each time the user submits a query to the website. The purpose of a Cookie is to identify the user as a unique user of the Website. ProBoards uses Cookies.

c. User Email Privacy: Emails registered with our users are not sold, traded, distributed, or presented to any third parties. Emails are presented with the ability to show to all users, hide to only you, the user and the staff, or you, the user, staff and friends. The moderators of this forum reserve the right to block, remove, or ban an email address from our website at any time.

d. Ads and Advertising: Banner Ads and other third party advertisements are not suppoted by Aroessa and are only present due to the subdomain we use on this forum. You are permitted to advertise your own sites/games on this forum under a free statement as long as you are complient to these rules. The moderators have reason to remove any threads or advertisements we find unsuitiable.

e. Google Analytics: Proboards, the web hosting service this forum is using has allowed for enabling of Google Analytics website reporting. The board admin has enabled this feature. We wish for all new users to be aware of the fact this will not collect personal or identifiable data from your session with us. We only collect; new threads, user registrations, session lengths, and unique visits to our website. If there are any concerns with this service, please contact a board administrator for assistance.

3.User Ability To Display, Update, and Change Personal Information

ProBoards wants Your Personal Information to be complete and accurate. By using the Website, You represent and warrant that all information You provide on any registration form or otherwise in connection with Your use of the Website and Services will be complete and accurate, and that You will update that information as necessary to maintain its completeness and accuracy. To confirm the completeness and accuracy of, or make changes to, Your Personal Information, please visit your account profile.

b. Game account information is maintained, regulated and serviced by the owners of Aroessa and it's staff. Users are welcome to update, change, or render their own avatar and personal information as they please in regards to the applications rules. No personal information is disclosed from a user unless they do so at their own risk! Our site does not allow phone numbers, addresses, full names, or other extremely personal information to be shared anywhere within the community.

4.Promotional Activites

Aroessa is prone to hosting community wide events, in which may and will be promoted through emails, threads, posts and various other advertising techniques. Any information regarding activites hosted by this board will be in regulations of the Privacy Policy.

5.Updates & Changes to Privacy Policy

Changes to the Privacy Policy and related pages are reserved rights of the administrative figures of this community. Most changes, if any, will be minor. The Aroessa community and staff reserves the right to question any portion of the policy or suggest future additions.

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